My name is Hank Tokarz. I am an Air Force Veteran & I’ve been performing as a professional DJ in some form or fashion for over 40 years while I lived in Chicago, IL & since 2009 here in the Phoenix area. I really love what I do. I started working as a DJ when I was in the Air Force in 1981. I’ve also worked for DJ companies All DJ & Tiger Entertainment Services from 1986-1989. I’ve also performed at Sean Alcock’s bar in Chicago, IL on weekends as well as TJ Flannery’s in River Grove, IL during the same time frame. Please click on my Testimonials link to see the endless testimonials from past clients and the endorsements from other Weddings & Event Professionals.

I’ve performed at numerous events since 1986 in the Chicagoland area & since 2009 in Phoenix & surrounding areas. I will estimate that I’ve performed at hundreds of weddings over the last 30 plus years. That’s just weddings! I also perform at many other events as well. Click on my Services link for more details.

My music list is very extensive. I have tens of thousands of songs in my collection & counting. I've got whatever music you need for your event. You need a customized play list? Not a problem. I take requests so if you, your family or your guests are looking for a song you will never hear from me "Sorry, I don't have that song". If it's not in my collection I can download it from the Internet & have it ready within seconds. I don't complicate things. I make it easy for my customers without charging an arm & leg for my DJ service.

I cover music from Frank Sinatra to present day artists. My DJ equipment consists of a Pioneer DDJ-SSX DJ Digital Controller which uses Serato DJ software, EV speakers and I have an excellent LED stage lighting system by Chauvet which synchronizes to the beat of the music. 

Ladies & gentlemen I'm a traditional DJ. No gimmicks. I entertain but I don't 'steal the show'. The night of your event is about you, your families & your guests. It's not about me. I play music the way it was meant to be played & I play the music you want to hear.

I will work with you personally via phone, e-mail or in person from the day the contract is signed until the end of your event to make sure everything goes smoothly at your event. Give me a chance & I promise that you will not be disappointed.

Once you sign up with me you can be assured that I will not leave you hanging, will get back to you within 24 hours via e-mail or telephone, ease any stressors & meet with you in person or via video chat. Most importantly I will not back out of the contract once it is signed even if I was presented a better offer from someone else. I will treat you as if you are a member of my own family. Rest assured everything I have mentioned here is my solemn & heartfelt promise to you.

Like what you've read? Ready to have some fun & not spend a lot of money for a DJ service? If you do then your search has ended. There's no need to look any further for a DJ for your next event. I'm here & ready to work with you right now! Click on my Contact Me link to get this party started. My price is very competitive & one of the best in the Valley. Save your money & use my DJ service for your next event! Dates fill up quickly so don't delay! Contact me today!
I truly thank you for your time & interest & I look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a great & blessed day.  Let's spin the night together!

Sincerely & warm regards,

Hank Tokarz
a.ka.The Hankster

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